Wednesday, August 8, 2007

My Comments on: Should EVERYTHING be bigger in Texas?

My Eyes Upon Texas Government

My Comments on: Should EVERYTHING be bigger in Texas?

I agree with Bethany’s editorial on the Texas Constitution. Not everything should be bigger in Texas, especially our state’s constitution. I agree that it is extremely dated. You would think if they reorganized it and rewrote it to include all of the amendments that ruling government would be much easier. Even as an amateur government student, I know that this would take a great effort by many and trying to agree upon, a format and content of the final document would be trying. But the idea of just dealing with the dated, poorly organized constitution seems as if our government is just lazy.

For the average citizen it seems impossible to read and comprehend. Wouldn’t it make their lives as legislators easier if they had an updated constitution? Yes, I agree with Bethany when she says that writing a new constitution this day in age is not common, however Texas is in need of it.

I especially agreed with and enjoyed reading the portion when Bethany talked about Texas pride and slogans. Yes, we are one of the most recognizable states and to go along with that we should have a better written document to help us govern. Unfortunately, in my opinion, Texas government leaders do not want to attempt to fix a big problem that may take a lot of time and effort and be disappointed with no results. Because this has been tried once before, I think Texas government leaders do not believe they can do it.

Hopefully one day, this document will be rewritten by some brave leaders at a Constitutional Convention. Then finally our state’s big reputation will be properly represented with a proper constitution. I’m proud of my state but not proud of the poorly written document that supposedly governs it.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Illegal Immigrants Receiving Slave Wages

The editorial "Slave Wages" published August 1st in the Houston Chronicle highlights the injustice experienced by illegal immigrants. Yes, I agree that there is a problem with illegal immigrants coming to the United States working without visas and in return not paying taxes. But if Congress tightened up and made stricter measures at all borders our labor force would quickly dwindle. Many illegal immigrants seek construction jobs where they can be paid in cash and been contracted to work one day at a time. Unfortunately, there has been a substantial rise in reports for stolen wages. Contractors are simply not paying their workers and taking advantage of their labor. I personally feel as if this is unfair, however; I revaluate my thoughts of unfairness when I consider that they are illegal immigrants living in our nation with out having to pay taxes. Two wrongs don't make a right. Both are at a wrong. I don't feel as if there should be illegal immigrants coming into the United States. The immigrants should realize that this is not their country. However, my mind questions these contractors that are cheating these people who are coming to the United States to seek the "American dream" and then cheated. I know I would not want a contractor building my house who is cheating his employees. I feel as if this is a serious matter to take into account from both perspectives as the illegal immigrant and the cheating contractor. As a Texas citizen this issue comes to my attention as a serious matter that needs to be revaluated by Congress. The current system of border control is obviously not working. In addition, the system to report stolen wages has sky rocketed partially because 75 percent of laborers are not documented citizens and contractors feel as if they can get away with it considering their laborers status. The title of this article explains this situation perfectly, these illegal immigrants are recieving slave wages. I propose a complete revamping of both systems. Even though border control issue has been one of the center issues in Congres for the last 5 years, no successful solutions have been made. As for stealing wages, Contractors should be seriously searched for their wrongdoings. Please read the editorial below so you can decide for yourself whom you believe is in the wrong.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Air Quality Control

The Article Not-So-Clean-Air Plan published in the Dallas Morning News educates the general public about how Dallas local officials attempted to put into effect a solution for ozone pollution that was only at a bare minimum level. As young students, I think we should realize how important it is to stay informed about air quality since we will be living on this planet for many years to come and realize the effects of global warming. When there are higher levels of protection that are available they should be used over the current satisfactory level to control air pollution. Protecting the world we live in is imperative considering we have many years left living on it. Please click on the link below to read the article.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Be Wary of Student Loans

The article Student loan system needs major overhaul, published in the Austin American Statesman is a relevant editorial that shares information about how uninformed students end up with large debts once graduating from college. This article is worthy of reading considering many of us or our colleagues are using financial aid to get through college and having to pay 2,000 dollar a month pay backs is not feasible with jobs attained right out of college. Hopefully if we, a student, public read this article we can inform ourselves as well as others to watch out for fraudulent Texas financial aid companies. Please click the link below to read the article.